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Bruce K.

With a highly practiced and intention driven approach Eleanor provides the best in what body work has to offer. For me, receiving body work is also a practice in mindfulness, thankfully mindfulness is ingrained in her method as a healer. Throughout many sessions I have enjoyed her intuition guided therapy which always proves to effectively…

Natalie M

I cannot say enough positive things about Eleanor. Receiving a massage from her is pure magic! She is so intuitive, has an incredibly in-depth understanding of the body, and is able to creatively find ways to bring healing and stress-relief to every session. She is my favorite massage therapist in Denver not only because I’ve…

Julie R.

Eleanor is amaaaaaazing. I am not sure I can speak well enough to how she has enhanced my life physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whether she is deep in my armpit, bongoing on my calves, massaging my eyelids, or doing her magic with her three hands on my back I always leave feeling both calm and…


Denver Peeps take note: I get a lot of massages…Eleanor is the only Therapist I’ve gone back to for a second session. Do yo self a favor and make an appointment.

Sean Patrick Bryce

Fueled by her impressive effort at overcoming her own physical challenges and constantly inspired by her experience instructing and mentoring fellow therapists, Eleanor brings an energy, compassion and remarkable set of skills in her massage practice, that truly serves her clientele well…I am blessed to count her as a colleague and friend

Allison L.

When I am receiving work from Eleanor I quickly get this ecstatic, tingling sensation throughout my whole body that stays with me well after the massage. She creates the perfect blend of intensity and grace. On several occasions she has discovered adhesions on me that had never before been isolated.  With a perfect flow that…

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