Hello Friends!
This is my very first blog post from my new website! First of all BIG thanks to Holland, my big bro for hooking all this up! Second, I cant wait to start sharing some of my knowledge in hopes of helping people get exited about their own health and wellness to help make this world a happier and healthier place! What are the fist two tips I have for you today?? 1. Drink more water! Water is our life juice and will help carry toxins away and out of your body, can and will help you loose weight by removing those toxins (a big plus in this season filled with cookies and gravy ;)) , move more freely in your body, and generally feel better about EVERYTHING! What is tip #2. you might ask…..
GET YOURSELF A MASSAGE! Has is been a while? Is the holiday season stressing you out? I have plenty of openings and would love to help get to on the train to FEELGOOD TOWN! Give a shout and lets get you booked today! Much Love, and Ill be talking to you again real soon <3 Eleanor

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